These necklaces are fun and versatile. They can be worn twisted or untwisted, or twisted with a cuff. Or you can wear the cuff on a simple metal chain.  Whatever the mood, or the outfit, these necklaces can fit right in.
Your customers can buy one necklace in a basic color, and a variety of cuffs for an ever changing look.
This 17" necklace is made with 6 strands of 'Bead Soup'. A mixture of all kinds of different beads, sizes, colors and finishes.
It takes on a whole new look when it's twisted and cuffed!
The cuff is a lovely piece of jewelry on it's own when hung on a simple chain.

The cuff is a Peyote tube that's embellished with size 15.0 and size 4mm triangle beads.

The dangle is a Hematite teardrop with a beaded cap.
This 17" necklace has 6 strands of gorgeous silver-lined emerald Czech seeds, and is lush & beautiful when worn full and untwisted.
But give it a twist, and dress it up with the cuff, and it turns into a new necklace!
The cuff is a peyote tube embellished with purple iris Czech fire polished crystals.
This spiral necklace is pretty on it's own.... the transparent green seeds are faceted, so they really catch the light.
But add a beaded cuff, and it converts into a fun new necklace!
Close-ups of two sides of the beaded cuff bead.  I used Delicas with an AB finish to make the cuff, and embellished with silver-lined Ruby Czech seeds, and size 9.0 green Czech seeds.
For a tutorial on a spiral stitch necklace, click here.
For a tutorial on the basic beaded cuff, click here.
Here are a couple of different beaded cuffs you can make. the first picture shows the cuff from the side, and the second is what it looks like on a necklace.
I started with a 15 bugle ladder stitch, then joined it together to form a ring, then sewed crystals and seeds to the outside. Easy!
I've been having a ball making these cuffs, so check back once in a while to see what's new!
For this necklace, I used 4 strands of size 8.0 beads.  I made the cuff using  R.A.W. (Right Angle Weave) with rainbow iris Czech crystals, and then embellished it with M.O.P (Mother of Pearl) rice beads.  The second pic shows the cuff from the side.
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This cuff is made the same way. I used 6mm pearls for the R.A.W. part, then embellished with silver-lined brown Delicas and 4mm pearls.
It looks nice untwisted with the cuff too.
For a tutorial on making the multi-strand necklace, click here.
See the latest Convertible Necklace!
This cuff uses a Peyote base, with size 15.0 beads for the netting. For the tutorial on this cuff, click here.
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